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Throughout life, there will be times when each one of us feels overwhelmed and unable to make sense of our own experience. Sometimes we are in a period of general health and well-being. At other times we might experience great stress, struggle and pain. I believe that the space created in psychotherapy can bring a renewed sense of health, confidence and connection to our often-complex lives. 

I am a Core Process Psychotherapist and a UKCP-accredited Psychotherapist. Please explore this website to find out more about my approach, training and experience. 

Based in near Ashburton in South Devon, I offer sessions both online and in-person. The cost per session is £60. I do hold some lower cost places available for psychotherapy and counselling trainees and those on low income. 


I have worked in offering psychological therapies to a range of clients from different backgrounds who are struggling with issues such as anxiety and depression, anger, bereavement and grief and stress. Before and during my training as a Psychotherapist, I worked both within the NHS and third-sector organisations. Please see the 'About' section for more information on my background and training.


My intention is to create a safe and compassionate space through which we can explore current or past difficulty, and to work together in exploring some of life's biggest questions. 

Approaching therapy might feel nerve-racking or even a bit bewildering, but my intention is to ensure that this experience is as safe and as welcoming as possible. We do this by gently beginning to talk about what you might need from these sessions.

Karuna Intitute
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