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Is therapy for me?

Throughout our lives, we will experience a variety of 'ups and downs'. Sometimes we are in a period of general health and well-being. At other times we might experience great stress, struggle and difficulty. 

Difficulties in life may be experienced as depression, anger, grief, frustration, anxiety, a general lack of motivation or relationship struggle. Through therapy, we work together to develop insight and understanding around your own path. The aim of this work is to uncover unconscious or conditioned 'ways of being' and to find a more satisfying and supported way of living. By examining your past experiences we can begin to understand the relationships and events that have shaped you. This process of exploration helps to uncover how you really feel, what is important and how to initiate profound personal change.


Sessions are one hour long and tend to take place weekly.


How does Psychotherapy work?

What is Core Process Psychotherapy?














This approach emphasises awareness in relationship with ourselves, others and the world around us. As a relational approach, it is really important that you work with a therapist that feels a 'good match' for you. Core Process work is based on the premise that with awareness we are able to contact our true selves and, therefore, come closer to accessing our potential in life.


This work involves coming to understand how our past and previous experiences, as well as our feelings about the future, impact our experience of the here and now; moving towards living in a fuller, more connected way. 

Please click here to read more about Core Process Psychotherapy and Karuna Institute. You can also read an article about Core Process Psychotherapy here

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