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What is Contemplative Psychotherapy?

Updated: Feb 14, 2018

It can often be tricky to explain Contemplative Psychotherapy. We get caught up in words and expressions and views that hardly simplify what we might be trying to do. But, in my experience, it can be quite easily explained. Contemplative Psychotherapy, of which Core Process Psychotherapy is one expression, starts with your goodness, your inherent health and rests on the premise that, whatever might be going on, whatever has gone on and whatever might come along in the future, 'You are basically good'.

Unlike traditional (Western) approaches to Psychotherapy, Contemplative/Core Process begins with the belief that you are inherently healthy and naturally good, rather than being the sum of your neuroses, mistakes or negative experiences.

Despite the guarantee of difficulty and suffering in our lives, the belief held here is that we can learn to stand by our suffering when we have a close-enough relationship with our awareness, health and basic goodness.

In this article, Karen Kissel Wegela does a fantastic and inspiring job of reminding us, as Psychotherapists of the Contemplative form, where we begin and where we might also end,




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